We’ve had several concert associations wondering what they can do to support the musicians in these difficult times.  As you can imagine, the artists have lost all income since mid March and have likely had cancelled all performances scheduled through at least Christmas.  Indeed the Coronavirus has forced a tough situation on everyone.

There are a couple of ways to help the artists—-communicate your support, and financially.  The artists would appreciate hearing that you are missing their performances—knowing that their efforts are valuable to you is vital.  It will help them know that you are excited by the prospect of seeing them in the future.  Most of them have websites (see our newsletter of 4/14/20) which allow direct communication.  You can expand the impact of such direct contact by forwarding this email to your board members, and to all of the membership’ emails.  The more people who take a few minutes to drop an artist a note, the better.  Simply tell them you missed seeing them last spring, or will miss them this fall, and of your enthusiasm to see them when rescheduled.  Everyone likes to know they are appreciated and needed.

Financially, there are a couple of options.  Most artists have CDs or other merchandise available on their website.  Buying a CD or two would help them and give you a chance to both support the artist as well as enhance your own library of music.

Many artists have a YouTube channel.  If there is a button to Subscribe, clicking it adds to the artist’s number of regular visitors and in many cases helps them financially.  A simple and cost effective way to help the artist out.

Several artists have been doing livestream performances.  Many of these are free.  But some have an option to contribute to the artist.  While it is nice to enjoy a free performance, it is nicer to both enjoy the show while knowing that you are helping the artist pay the bills.  And you can do it from the comfort of your favorite chair, regardless of the weather and mask-free!

Giving your board members and membership the chance to support the artists on your 19-20 season who were postponed last spring, or on your 20-21 season which have been postponed for this fall, could really multiply the force of the efforts.  Or remember one of your favorites from seasons past?  They’d love to hear from you again.  Imagine if ten fans (or more!) from your community wrote and/or bought a CD—that would be a significant show of support for that artist.

Keep in mind that while you may be but one person, you are connected to many, many more people in your community who value the live performing arts just as you do.  With well over 100 concert associations across the middle of the US, the support of individuals could really help the artists in many ways.  Spreading the word to as many of your fellow concert attendees as possible is something positive you can do from the safety of your home.

Thanks for your supportive efforts!  Stay well and safe!