Nothing can replace live entertainment.  It is a group activity that gathers neighbors and friends together for an evening of art, passion and fun.  Unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic has forced the postponement of all of Allied’s performances from March 14 through the end of the 19-20 season in late May.

However, in the absence of live performances for a while, may we suggest:

Visit an Artist’s Website

These websites have information on the artists, music samples and video clips.  You may even be able to purchase a CD.  Not only will it be fun to listen to, this purchase will help financially support the artist while they are not working.

Play Some Music

Speaking of CDs, remember all of the great concerts you attended in the past?  Hopefully you purchased a CD or two. Play them, and be transported back to a fond memory.


Listen to music you normally wouldn’t.  One idea is the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  The Met Opera is streaming concerts:


Ask your kids / grandkids what kind of music they listen to on Pandora (  Give it a try, you might find out is isn’t “just noise”.


Remember that old trumpet, trombone or flute you haven’t played since high school? Dust it off and make your own music.  It may not sound great, but it will be fun. Besides, in this case, it may be OK we are all isolated.

Learn Something New

Allied has started using Mailchimp ( to efficiently email information to our towns.  Mailchimp is free for small organizations and easy to learn.  Start by talking on the phone or emailing your fellow board members and get as many email address together as you can.  Place the email addresses together in a Word document. We will send instructional links in a future email as what to do next.

Next time you need to remind your association members of a concert, the start of a ticket campaign or weather announcements, you will be ready to go.


Allied is working hard to reschedule concerts.  It will take some thinking outside the box, but in the end, live entertainment is worth it.