Allied has been checking in with several artists to see how they are managing this summer.  The COVID 19 pandemic has canceled many concerts, but the music lives on.  Here is what a few of our artists have been up to…

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra recently performed for two outdoor concerts at assisted living facilities. Their concert was a “safe, socially distanced, outdoor, goodtime”.


Janoska Ensemble

Janoska performed 3 concerts in a row within one evening at the Konzerthaus, Vienna / Great Hall. They report they are “very happy and proud that everything went well and the audience obviously loved our performance!:-) We are back! On Stage! Janoska Style!:-)”


Veritas Five

Veritas is putting together “The Social Distancing Series.”  In this series, each member records their part alone, and through the magic of editing, it is blended together into a complete performance.


The Everly Set

The Everly set are offering EVERLY-GRAMs, custom made, personalized video greeting card!