Allied Concert Services, Inc. was formed in 1948 by Norm Wendt while he was teaching school in Wolf Point, MT.  Beginning with a few concert association clients in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, Mr. Wendt gradually expanded eastward into South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.  In 1950, he moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Windom, MN was one of the communities affiliated with Allied.  John Folin was the high school choir director there and the President of the Windom Concert Association.  In 1966, Mr. Wendt offered John a position with Allied which he was pleased to accept.  John moved his wife and 2 sons to Minneapolis and began his career with Allied.  At this time, Allied worked with approximately 50 concert associations throughout the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Montana.

In 1978, Mr. Wendt retired and sold Allied to John Folin.  One of Allied’s long-time employees, Ralph Ledin, continued to assist John until his death in 1984.  Paul Folin, John’s son, graduated from college in 1983 and began working for Allied.  At this time, Allied worked with approximately 75 concert associations which kept John & Paul very busy.

Allied grew into Nebraska and Colorado in 1988 when it teamed up with Omaha-based entrepreneur Dick Walter.  With considerably more territory to cover, the time was right for David Folin to join his father and brother.  Now with about 90 concert association clients, Allied needed more office help and Jean Folin, John’s wife and Paul and David’s mother, began to lend a valuable hand.

The following years witnessed slow but steady growth for Allied, expanding further into Colorado, Wyoming and Missouri.

Allied’s growth accelerated between 2001 – 2005, and has grown steadily ever since.  We now work with nearly 125 organized audience concert associations in 16 states, having also expanded eastward into Illinois and Indiana.