John E. Folin

Some of you may recall my father, John E. Folin, who quietly passed away early on the 26th of July at the age of 91.  John joined Allied in 1966 and “retired” when Covid hit in March 2020.  Prior to becoming a concert representative, he led the choral music program in Evansville, MN (about ’54 – ’56) and then moved to Windom, MN where he directed the high school choir as well as the American Lutheran Church choir.  While in Windom, John joined the Windom Concert Association and its board of directors, which worked with Allied Concerts.  Norm Wendt, who founded and owned Allied, offered John a job as a concert representative which was a good new challenge.   We all (mother Jean, brother Paul, John and I) moved to St. Louis Park, MN where Paul and I grew up while John traveled around the 5 state area working to bring great artists to welcoming rural communities.

John drove many, many (likely near a million) miles over the 54 years he worked for Allied.  He strove to bring high quality artists and attractions to communities which otherwise would not have the chance to enjoy them.  I can’t begin to estimate the number of people who enjoyed a show in their community which John had a hand in presenting.

John worked diligently to help each concert association operate smoothly and successfully.  As the meetings and years passed, he gained valuable knowledge of how successful associations functioned, and of the communities and people with which he worked.  He was happy to share that knowledge and experience with many an association, in hopes that they would continue to give their audiences wonderful performances each season.

Being raised in the tiny burg of Brooten, MN, he had that small town work ethic and the desire to treat everyone with respect, kindness and patience.  He so respected all of the concert association board members as they were the ones giving their time and energy to bring something of value to their communities.  While I am grateful for the millions of things and experiences John gave me, I am most thankful for the example he set for Paul and I in how to conduct oneself in a polite, respectful, thoughtful and kind way toward everyone.

I can’t begin to tell you how much Dad meant to me.  But I can tell you that I’m trying hard to be as good a person as he was.


David E. Folin

Allied Concert Services, Inc.