May 8 still appears to be the end of the CDC’s directive to avoid large gatherings. With the daily news stream it seems increasingly likely that no concerts will occur in May.  This probably means that all of Allied’s spring tours will be postponed including your schedule performances.

From what we’ve heard, the large majority of you hope to reschedule the postponed concerts.  Allied would strongly prefer to reschedule as many concerts as possible.  The artists very strongly hope to play the concerts on a rescheduled tour basis.  So that’s what we’re going to try hard to do!

Unfortunately the fluid nature of the coronavirus pandemic makes finding a firm and safe date from which to begin rescheduling difficult.  Yet if we don’t optimistically look ahead and make plans, it will be impossible to instantly turn the concert switch on once the “all clear” is formally announced.  We have been discussing available tour periods with the artists.  Many of these tours will be in June/July and if it turns out that safety needs will not permit, then we’ll reassess.  Quite of few dates will have to be moved into the 20-21 season and we’ll do our best to maximize time between shows.

Normally, membership renewals and spring membership campaigns would be ramping up at this time.  Given the uncertainties of the pandemic, we would suggest postponing membership campaigns until the country has turned the corner and the light at the end of the tunnel has appeared.  If we are able to reschedule the postponed concerts in June or July that may be a chance for renewals.  We suggest issuing your season flyer via email or snailmail seeking renewals on a date coordinated with a rescheduled concert.  This would be a perfect opportunity to use your membership email list to inform about the new concert date.  It would also be perfect opportunity to begin developing a membership email list.  Once your renewal efforts are concluded, perhaps after 2 weeks, then plan a membership campaign.

Paul and I believe that there are better days ahead!  Live performing arts will eventually return to form the backbone of your community cultural life.  The performances will serve as a joyous opportunity to once again see and socialize with your family, friends and neighbors while enjoying a talented and entertaining artist.  Your efforts to kick the concert association back into gear will be needed.

We are looking for ideas on how to entice the community into a more personal interest in the concert association, and to a more enthusiastic and energetic contribution to its operation.  Your suggestions will be appreciated!

As a taste of what we’ve all been missing, here’s a terrific video from Tony DeSare, star of the I Love A Piano tour.   Pianist Ted Firth is a boyhood friend of Tony’s and one of the finest jazz piano accompanists.  It’s amazing two such fine musicians came from the same town in upstate NY. You might also note that Tony is doing a daily quarrantine video with a song to brighten our days which can be found at his You Tube channel:

For those who enjoyed David Osborne—the Pianist to the Presidents—he’s planning to live stream over his Facebook page a “pianotizer”—a 30 minute quilt of requests—on April 4 at 7pm Central.  David was to be inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in early April, but that has also been postponed.

As my old football coach used to say “keep your dobbers up!”  And stay safe and well!


David and Paul Folin

Allied Concert Services
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